Studs And Singles

14k gold classics to standout gems—earrings that are comfortable going solo, but play well with others too.

Studs and Singles

Studs and Singles

Diamond Baguette Studs


Three Diamond Gold Studs


Diamond Petal Studs


Staggered Cluster Diamond Studs


Three Diamond Bar Studs


Sapphire Climber Earrings


Diamond Emerald Studs


Diamond Sapphire Studs


Diamond Flower Studs


Diamond Line Studs


Dainty Infinity Studs


Trois Diamond Studs


Diamond Curved Climbers


Emerald Spiral Earrings


Sapphire Spiral Earrings


Dainty Gold Bar Studs


Bold Gold Bar Studs


Ridged Gold Oversized Studs


Bold Gold Oversized Studs


Sapphire Gold Studs