The Reveler

July 27, 2023

Dr. Alison Mitzner

Each month, we feature a Reveler – an inspiring woman who is living her professional and personal life with grace and gusto. We want to share with our community the stories of women who find ways to experience joy, even revel in their everyday. In doing so, our hope is that their stories inspire you to embrace the joy in your everyday.

In the fast-paced world where we can get volumes of information with just one click or a short scroll, parenthood has become a multifaceted challenge. New parents as well as parents of older kids, often feel overwhelmed by a myriad of questions, conflicting data and theories, uncertainties, and the desire to provide the best possible upbringing for their children. That's why it's truly inspiring to meet women like Dr. Alison Mitzner– a pediatrician, single mom of two, and best-selling author who has dedicated her life to helping parents navigate the beautiful yet often complex journey of raising children.

Dr. Mitzner is a remarkable woman whose passion for both medicine and educating parents has shaped her unique perspective on parenting. With her wealth of experience as a pediatrician and her own personal trials and triumphs as a mother, Alison has emerged as a trusted voice in the world of parenting. A frequent guest on CBS, NBC, and Fox and more, Dr. Mitzner’s insightful book, Calm and Confident Parenting has captured the hearts and minds of millions of parents, and it continues to resonate with families across the globe.

Through her expertise, personal experiences, and compassionate approach that emphasizes joy in parenting and life beyond parenting, Alison is redefining the way we view parenting and empowering parents to raise happy, well-adjusted children.

What does revelry mean to you?

Joy and happiness, and your happiness spreads to all those around you.

What’s an accomplishment – big, small, or personal – that you reveled in recently?

Sharing my book into the world and knowing I am making a positive impact on both parents and their children's lives.

Who or what inspires you to revel? 

My kids. We are our children's biggest role models. All we do for ourselves truly impacts our kids, who are watching and learning from us. Children bring us so much joy and inspire us to be our best, and they teach us so much too.

What advice do you have for the next generation of women on how to live with meaning and in revelry?

Happiness is a choice and it is important to focus our attention on things that make us happy and rid of the things that don't. Surround yourself with those like-minded people. Also, self-care is not selfish. I like to say it is actually selfless. It improves not only your life but all those around you, your friends, family, and children.

How does Array help you revel in your greatest moments?

Whatever the occasion, it makes you smile and feel confident. It also helps share wonderful memories.

What is your favorite Array piece?

So many! I love the White Gold Double Row Diamond Huggies that are beautiful and fit any occasion and the White Gold Diamond Orbit Necklace that is a great piece and reminder of the special bond of a parent with their children.

To learn more about Dr. Alison Mitzner visit and follow her on Instagram @dralisonmitzner!

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