The Reveler

August 22, 2022

Anjanette Tan

Every month we feature an inspiring woman from our Array community who is making waves in her community and the world at large. In an intimate Q&A, we uncover the many sides of these multifaceted women and learn about their wins and loses, and how they are navigating and leaving their mark in this ever changing world. Chuckle, sob, and be motivated by stories that make us realize we’re not alone in our challenges and our successes.

Array is fortunate to work with clients like Dr. Anjanette Tan and offer them a piece of laid-back luxury in what has always been described as a hectic schedule.

Anjanette is an endocrinologist with a private practice based out of Fort Worth, Texas. A proud mother of two girls, she is also a dedicated wife and business owner, and her Filipino and Chinese heritage are extremely important in her everyday life.

We were able to steal some time with Anjanette and ask her a few questions about her work and personal life, and we’ve gained some awesome insight into the busy schedule she keeps and just how important it is to understand balance.

What inspired you to pursue medicine?

I am a writer at heart. I went into medicine after taking a qualifying entrance exam that got me into a direct acceptance medicine program from high school. Medicine found me. I quickly found my calling, because medicine is about listening, a core quality of a writer.

Tell us what technological innovation in your profession are you most intrigued by.

Remote monitoring devices. I used to tell patients as a joke that “I need to go home with you to see what you do…” but in the world of diabetes, we can harness devices that can allow us better opportunities for feedback. We now have continuous glucose monitoring devices, insulin pen devices that are able to record doses. I believe these will continue to improve quality of life in patients with chronic conditions. I never understood it when doctors thought you needed to prove that you could take the harder path to deserve technology. Technology is here, so use it.

What’s one health or wellbeing tip you swear by?

Do not underestimate the power of sleep. Look forward to sleep, build a ritual around sleep, respect sleep. Work to get a good night’s sleep.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I am in office medicine. I wake up after one snooze. Take one of the kids to school, spend the entire day in the office seeing patients, go home. Pre Covid, days would be broken up by giving talks at doctor’s offices during lunch hour. During Covid, days would be broken up engaging with other physicians and friends in social media. Managing our practice also takes up a lot of mental, emotional space. My partners and I treat our practice like another child.

How do you find time to relax after a long day at work?

It is hard to find time. When we are doing so much in our careers, I feel that we almost have to find opportunities to buy our time back. I have had to innovate, delegate, to buy back an extra hour or two of my daily time. Family always eats dinner together, listen to two girls tell me about their day simultaneously. I need to start exercising too.

What’s your definition of balance?

Easier said than done. Balance is achieved when you are completely deliberate in your thoughts and actions. You have to be centered and mentally fit. Balance is accepting that the world is not perfect, you are not perfect, people around you are not perfect. Balance is accepting that you are responsible for your response to these imperfections.

Which cause are you most passionate about?

JDRF is an organization for type 1 diabetes that aims for a cure. Mind you, not just to control or live with type 1 diabetes, but to cure it. StopAAPIHate is another organization I support, because there is no room for racism. No room for hate.

What advice would you give children or young adults thinking of a career in medicine?

Do not be intimidated by the length of time. You just show up one day at a time. Show up for medicine and show up for yourself.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic. I work hard at looking like I didn’t try too hard.

Do you have a favorite piece from Array?

It’s been hard because my 18-year old ends up with my pieces. Paperclip pieces that layer so well. My baguette ring.

What’s your go-to comfort food?

I’m Asian. Filipino sinigang with garlic fried rice.

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

Our forever slogan is “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” El Nido, Palawan

What’s your favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving. A learned holiday for me, one that has grown in meaning each year that my family and I have been blessed to live in the United States.

Do you think women can have it all?

Trick question. We make our choices. We have our priorities. We make things work. I recognize that I have it all, because my husband is beside me, making it look easy.